7 Best Biking Backpacks

by Michael Minton
7 Best Biking Backpacks

When you are looking for bike equipment online, backpacks are one of the important ones to think of. Here are some of the best biking backpacks to buy.

1) Ortlieb Commuter Daypack

Best Features

  • Small size but has a lot of space
  • Great look of woven bag instead of plastic one
  • Waterproof and very good in rain
  • Flexible and can be detached and reattached
  • Not very stylish
  • A very simple look with just one logo

This bike backpack is one of the best-selling bags. It will make a perfect bag for bikers.

2) Osprey Radial 26 Backpack

Best Features

  • Capacity up to 26 liters
  • A lot of pockets to stuff items
  • Very stylish and good looking
  • Can contain laptops too
  • Waterproofing and can protect items

This bag is really stylish and can contain your biking as well as personal stuff. You can store many things and it will protect them. The small size makes it a perfect choice for the bikers.

3) Proviz REFLECT360

Best Features

  • Beautiful design with good quality fabric
  • Water resistant but not waterproof
  • A number of pockets for accessories
  • Separate section for tablets and laptops
  • A bit hot for the summer
  • Good visibility for night-time

This beautifully designed backpack with reflective and quality material can be the best option for bikers. It is affordable, has a nice shape and color and can be readjusted as the bikers want.

4) Altura Sector 25

Best Features

  • Small size with a nice design
  • Pockets for accessories and laptops
  • A bit smaller than the usual backpacks
  • It is wider but not has good height
  • Good for smaller load and less items
  • Very affordable and cheaper

Altura Sector 25 is a very nicely built backpack. It can be a perfect choice for bikers with few items or limited luggage. You can adjust its strips and it will accommodate more stuff inside.

5) Osprey Pandion 28

Best Features

  • Multi-color backpack with a good shape
  • Heavier than normal backpacks
  • Expensive and less affordable
  • Many sleeves and pockets for tablets and laptops
  • Water resistant
  • One of the best-selling backpacks

If you carry more luggage than most of the bikers around, this bag can be a great option. It is a bit expensive but can contain a lot of stuff and accessories. It is flexible so you can adjust the strips. You can buy it among other bike equipment online.

6) Rapha Cycling Backpack

Best Features

  • Flat and stylish backpack
  • Water resistant fabric
  • Best suits in the riding positions
  • Pockets for sunglasses and accessories
  • Laptop compartments
  • Key compartments expand to five liters

If you are looking for a nice backpack with quality fabric, this Rapha cycling backpack is what you need. It comes in black and other colors and looks really stylish when you wear it on your back.

7) Timbuk2 Especial Raider

Pros and Cons:

  • Good quality fabric
  • It has a lot of space
  • Machine washable
  • Not water resistant
  • Thin material

This backpack can be a very affordable option for the riders as well as cyclists who are not worried about rain. It has a lot of space so you can stuff maximum accessories and luggage inside. The fabric is good and you can wash it with machine as well. Moreover, it available among bike equipment online.

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