How The Experience of the Post Shelter Salon Differs?

by Michael Minton

Hair salons get permission to reopen their business most recently in few states, and expecting many more salons will open very shortly.  No matter you have seen you in the mirror, you think “Hallelujah!” to see the large bangs and long roots of your hair.

You are very much enthusiastic to see yourself as you were before the pandemic of COVID-19. But before going out for the experience of post-COVID shelter salon, you should maintain some things as well as to look for “barber shops open near me”.

Let’s see what those are before you look for “barbers near me open.”

Check Out the Guidelines Before Making an Appointment

Michelle O’Connor, who is the director of the Matrix Artistic, said that salons, as well as stylists, are very much concerned to ensure clients’ safety and satisfaction when they came back to the salon.

Most importantly, almost all are maintaining tight rules to follow social distance and use sanitizer. They send those rules to you through email or phone calls before you get an appointment.

Further, Michael Albor, who is the director of the Matrix Artistic and has two salons of his own in Boston city, also said that they made video show about what they should expect from them, and send those to clients before they make an appointment.

The Salons Require a Mask to Wear for The Stylist and Client

Almost all stylists wear a face mask when they are in the salon until this pandemic situation to keep them safe from continuity with clients. And even some go for face shield for extra coverage and protection.

The salons require a mask for not only the stylists but also the clients when they are in the salon. They may suggest any particular type of mask to wear and can give you the mask too.

Using Hand Sanitizer Is Essential

Medical specialists continuously suggest us to wash the hand with soap or hand sanitizer. It is very crucial to defend the virus. So we hope that they keep hand sanitizer in the salon, and the stylist, as well as the clients, will use it once or more if possible.

The salon’s employee may tell to clean your hands before your appointment session start. Albor said that they make a rule of washing hands every time you enter into the salon both for stylist and client.

They put four new space for hand sanitation entire the salon, and their employees wipe off the handles of those doors and desk also every single time when anyone check-in and check-out.

Do The Utmost for Safety?

They are gradually using thermometers to check your body temperature. If it is in danger level, they will consult you about rescheduling. Even they are doing virtual consultation before you coming to the salon.

For that purpose, they may ask you to send your hair picture. Furthermore, they will disinfect all stuff between each section for the utmost safety.

As a result, they may need more time, so you have to be considerate. Not only that, but they also maintain social distancing properly for that, they set their styling stations far apart from one another.

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