How to Reduce Patients’ Complaints?

by Michael Minton

Below are some helpful tips to reduce complaints from patients.

1. Use Latest Technology

The doctors and hospitals should use electronic health records, latest imaging technologies, better communication services and provide the patients with the best services. Use of latest tech like better equipment and DICOM PACS software can help you deal with more patients in less time and avoid their complaints. Also know that only tech can’t do much, it needs will.

2. Set Communication Channels

Most of the patient complaints come when they have to meet the doctors but they are not available. Patients have to wait for hours. This is irritating for a person who is already in stress and suffering. There should be effective communication channel between the patients and doctors.

3. Provide Top-Notch Services

This is an area where the most number of patients register complaints. When they are not given quality treatment, better medical services- they have a right to make complaints because they are paying for this. Hospitals should focus on their business models that have more emphasis on providing quality services.

4. Show Empathy

Whenever there is something wrong from your side, the patients have to wait, they could not get treatment or some staff members misbehaved them- you should not hesitate to show empathy and apology. This is something that can prevent patient complaints and make them respect you even more.

5. Train Your Staff

The hospital staff must be highly trained. They should know how to handle pressure and excessive workload. The staff should be polite so that patients don’t feel let down and complain about the staff behavior. Also, they should be trained to use latest tech like RIS software. This is the area where investment pays well at the end.

6. Get Patient Feedback

Keep getting the customer feedback regarding every issue. Whether it be healthcare services, treatment, admission process, tests and lab reports, medicine or anything- get the customer feedback.

7. Listen to the Patients Carefully

Always listen to your patients carefully. They are stressed, have financial issues, their loved ones are dying so with few words of care and affection you will become more important for them.

8. Make Solid Promises

Doctors as well as other hospital staff should make promises they can keep. Making patients believe in things that are impossible leads to more complaints. So the doctors have to be careful in this regard when they make a promise with the patients and offer them time for treatment or anything.

9. Address Their Issues

If you are getting complaints from patients, you can prevent them if you honestly start resolving their issues. Address the reported problems and it will surely decrease the number of complaints. This is a sure way to impress the patients and let them feel you are working for their service.

10. Decrease Wait Times

Waiting for many people is the worst thing they have to ever do. So the patients should not be made to wait for hours. Patients who need urgent treatment should be given emergency help and make them feel relaxed and better.

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