How to Safely Move Household Appliances

by Michael Minton

Shifting from one place to another is an extremely toilsome work. One of the biggest challenges it throws your way is, mobility of your household appliances with utmost safety.

Make sure to avail of these things to safely move your household appliances!

1. Appliance Dolly Can Work Wonders


This wheeler is going to help you loads if you are having giant household appliances to shift from one place to another. Usually, when you are moving your stuff, you are likely to get some components of every item broken. To stop such a misery from befalling you, it is better to get an appliance dolly on rent.

  1. Get the stuff loaded in your dolly.
  2. Get your stuff completely secured by tying around a belt; this belt is going to kill all the chances of falling or slipping.
  3. Tilt it towards you and keep moving.

Maneuverability is extremely convenient. You do not need to carry the load while coming down from the stairs.

2. Safely Pull Using Forearm Moving Strap


You can easily lift the hard-to-pull furniture with the help of a forearm strap. Giant stuff like a sofa, couch, mattress, washing machine, microwave, refrigerator and etc can be easily carried using this furniture strap which is otherwise known to be a moving strap.

  1. Two people are needed to lift a giant piece of furniture using a forearm strap.
  2. Wear the strap over your shoulders or arms.
  3. Cover the bottom surface of your furniture with the rest of the strap and cross it.
  4. Lift with full vigor.

Even the factory staff sometimes use these straps to lift heavy equipment. Giant cargoes are often maneuvered using these powerful straps.

3. Pad-Wrap Your Belongings Using a Moving Blanket

If your things get wrapped up in a fabric that is hard enough to protect them from any potential damage, a safe maneuverability can be guaranteed. Furniture is always easy to move when wrapped or packed. There would be no chances of catching scratches, grooves and marks if you are using a moving blanket. If you are lifting anything flinty, your hands are least likely to get bruised.

Do not take any risk to let your stuff move unpadded. Safety of your belongings should mean the whole world to you. After all, it is not easy to buy furniture anew.

4. Furniture Sliders Do Not Let You Bear the Brunt

Furniture sliders can help you move your furniture without letting you bear the weight. You will be having to push the furniture but lifting will remain out of question. Unlike a forearm strap, your shoulders and arms will not be burdened but your back needs to do the labor.

  1. Unwrap the sliders and stick them to the legs of your furniture.
  2. Push your furniture towards the door using your hands or even feet.
  3. Keep pushing and shoving until it is out.

You can make your personal sliders using cardboard if you are disinterested in spending your money.

Moreover, use a moving service or rent a truck from a trash removal Queens NY company for your move.

Furthermore, you can also employ an appliance pick up Queens NY service for disposing of unattended and unwanted belongings for a lesser moving cost.


You are obliged to carefully shift your furniture when you are switching your abode as defaced furniture looks extremely awful.

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