The Cloud for Neurology Specialists for Better Results

by Michael Minton

You’re might be out for dinner with your friends, but suddenly you get a call from the hospital. When you get a call from the hospital, it’s nothing but an emergency. Then you have no way to get excuse yourself from your friends to attend the hospital. And you’ll find yourself in hospital after a while.

As a neurology surgeon, you attend the hospital to view the scanned images. And you find it’s probably kyphosis, so you need to send the reports and images to some neurology specialists. You’re able to make the sceneries simple if you were using online DICOM viewer while using the cloud PACS.

It doesn’t matter where you’re, it just a matter of a click to view and share the patients’ medical images and all these are possible only if you start using DICOM viewer online. Thus, you can make your job easy without making any annoying to other tasks. How? So, continue reading and you’ll find the easy ways.

How The Cloud Works

Let’s get an example, as a neurosurgeon you’re ready for surgery. But, a nurse contact from some other physician’s office regarding neuroimaging and she used the cloud. That time you’re standing by the surgery and need to attend the emergency of another office as well.

You have the cloud solution and monitors in the room, so you can view the images to suggest your findings. This is in short how the cloud solution works. While using this solution, you don’t need to visit the physicians’ offices one after another.

It’s because when you can view the images, you can inform what the issues you found in them. The method does not just save you time, it also makes you more productive. And you can use the time and your efforts for some more patients that also need your services.

How SAM Enhances Medical Outcomes

These days, more neurosurgeons are uploading their patients’ imaging studies to the cloud using their own portal. As the use and the workflow of every physician and practice can vary, the advantages of using a better cloud solution are highly expected athwart the board.

That’s why it’s important to know about SAM that stands for sharing, accessibility, and mobility.


SAM: Sharing, Accessibility & Mobility

While using a cloud solution, it ensures neurosurgeon comfort by making them able to share their neuroimaging. As a result, they can work together live with some other experts, from around the globe. Also, you may choose the sharing feature of the MRI and CT of your patient’s thoracic spine along with your colleague who is presently vacationing in Mauritius in the above situation.

The physicians who are in another part of the world can right view the images away and update you on what their findings are. Besides, you can reply to urgent questions instantly while using Cloud storage. It enables you to practically begin working out your action plan before you walk into the hospital.

Eventually, a file-sharing app or email needs to invest in your performance by allowing for an option with the issues associated with while having medical images sent via CDs. So, the diagnosis time will decrease and you’ll be able to save your valuable time for you and also for your patients.

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