These 8 Google Docs Tips Can Make You a Pro User

by Michael Minton

1. Voice Typing Feature

Writing reports and documents are troublesome. Many people wish they could speak and all that was written in a document. Google Docs makes this possible for users. You can speak and use the voice to write everything you want to be noted. This feature is available for android users as well for computer users. You should have a mic in order to speak and convert words into text.

2. Image Editing in Docs

Google Docs is a widely used tool when it comes to writing and creating documents. It also offers the feature to its users to edit the images. Usually, word programs do not have such features but Docs provides this. You can crop, reset, edit and do other things with the images on Docs fie.

3. Collaboration in Real-Time

There are a number of things which makes Google Docs so popular and effective. One of the features is real-time collaboration. That means the files can be shared with other people. They can also edit and make changes. Google Docs will retain the latest changes and corrections while the older version will be saved too.

4. Tagging Others in Files

If you want the attention of others, you can tag them in the comments section. This feature is really helpful for the users who want to convey an important message to others when they have to edit the file. It ensures the desired recommendations are incorporated into the new version of the file so that no mistakes are present in the docs.

5. Smart Spell Checker

Usually, the programs which allow writing like MS Word have traditional spell checkers and they are integrated with dictionaries. But this is not the case with Google Docs which features a smart spell checker. This checker gets instructions from Google algorithms which are smarter than any other tools.

You can also watermark PDF free. You can watermark the word file and then save it as PDF later and download it.

6. Offline Google Docs

Some users want to use Google Docs in offline mode. But they do not know how to do this. This tip is for these users. There is an option that allows the users to use, edit, write and make changes in Google Docs offline. You need to change the settings in Google drive. All changes will be saved and the docs will synch them when you are connected to the internet.

7. Download File in Various Formats

People desire to create Google Docs but download or export the files in multiple formats. This feature is also available. Users can download files in Word, PDF, web page and other formats. A number of other options have also been added to the docs which are quite helpful when it comes to downloading files. That way, you can also watermark PDF file free by watermarking the document in any format and then downloading it in PDF. On the other hand, you can also use watermark PDF free online tools to do this.

8. Translate Document into Other Languages

Here comes the most interesting and useful feature of Google Docs. The tool allows the users to translate a complete file or document into another language. Even if the users want to translate a sentence or paragraph into another, language, it is also possible with Google Docs.

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