Tips to Know About the Best Mobile Plans On the Vodafone Network

by Michael Minton

With a truly global presence, Vodafone is one of the top three mobile networks in Australia. Since becoming one of the largest providers around when it has entered the country’s local mobile phone market in 1990. If you ask about its key to success then it’s their own mobile network infrastructure that helps them to offer mobile service all over the country. No matter it sells its network to small providers, the question is that whether it offers the best value plans for its customers on its own network. You’ll find its small providers are sometimes in lack of enough marketing power and people as well. But, with equally reliable coverage, their SIM-Only mobile plans are much more competitive that draw the attention of a lot of users.

Now, let’s know some tips about the best plans on their own network.

C Mobile

If you want to get on your toes, you should get C Mobile because it offers some attractive phone plans for its customers. Besides, you’ll be able to choose from a wider range of plans from Telstra and Vodafone because it uses both of the networks that are labeled as blue and Red plans. But, you’ll be happy to know, the Vodafone plans come with more data bonuses for your money. Starting from just under $10 for every month, there are 4 different plans obtainable for 1GB data. In addition, you’ll get limitless text and calling options with most of the plans along with some other special inclusions.

Kogan Mobile

One of the latest ventures of the online retailer into the digital world, This provider has already engaged with its business from just an electric store. With 4G connectivity as well as unlimited calls and texts, they just offer the prepaid plans. Also, you’ll find 4 varieties of plans to choose from where the plans are based on a 30-day to 90-day and 365-day plan duration. As a result, they offer 12 different plans to choose from for you best suited for a longer period. And it looks like shopping in a grocery store as it’s almost and always provides some cheap and affordable plans.


As Lebara is a mobile provider across many countries, it offers a big number of plans in Australia that’s specifically for overseas phone only plans and data packs. Since its plans just start for $15, you’ll get limitless text and calling options with most of the plans along with some other special inclusions like 2GB free mobile data. In addition to these, you’ll get some incentives when you’ll sign up for any plans from 180-day to 365-day. Also, you’ll find a wide range of plans that present a good negotiation between data with calls and texts. Moreover, it could be for you if you’re like to get a bit more overseas calls and texts. You’ll find this small provider is sometimes in lack of enough marketing power and people that make some issue of its users.

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