Upgrades of Headlights for Better Safety & Performance

by Michael Minton

If you think headlights are just a part of visibility, you’re in the wrong. They’re a great thing to give you safety on the road. Also, they play a vital role in your car’s distinctive look.

Likewise, they help your car perform better. Upgrading your car’s headlights is most likely to give it a new set of eyes with improved vision at night.

That means the upgrades of your car’s headlights is very vital for the whole car. So, before you look for discount BMW parts, let’s know some tips about upgrading your car’s headlights.

Remove Haze of the Headlight


You might be driving an older car with yellowed or hazy plastic lenses of the headlight. So, if you polish its lenses using headlight restoration kits, you can upgrade both safety and style.

We tried this for a 10-year older car and got excellent results. It made the car better looking; it also made the headlights much improved and more effective at enlightening the road at night.

You’ll find the kits are great for a DIY solution. They’re as quick as cost-effective and easy to work with.

Replace the Capsules of the Headlight


For light trucks and modern cars, halogens would be the best and standard solution. These halogen made bulbs are the element of that capsule. And you can replace this capsule with ease using high-quality NAPA Lamps.

You’ll get better visibility and unique style from these lamps. Many options are out there. If you require more light when you drive, Sylvania bulbs are an excellent alternative. These bulbs are about 80% brighter that can provide a 120 feet longer view than their unique equipment halogens.

They also provide a whiter and cooler light that is the same as HID headlights. You’ll find its alternative lamps using DRV bulb lines. These bulbs are higher in quality and made to enhance the vision while driving at night.

Upgrade the Bulbs

You might be looking to install HID headlights that utilize xenon arc lamps that are high in voltage compared to halogen bulbs. In this case, you can use Sylvania ZXE bulbs as they work as the gap between conventional halogens and the pricey HID.

They’re similar to luxury HID lights and come with a cool blue look. However, upgrading is straightforward by unplugging the older capsules and fitting in the latest ones using premium halogens of the NAPA Lamps. If you budget becomes limited you can look for cheap BMW parts.

Replace Older HID Bulbs


It’s true that sill there have reserved frequently for luxury vehicles. But, HID headlamps are available on the latest cars for more than 15-year now.

As a result, many drivers and car owners have upgraded their cars and trucks using xenon or HID headlight systems. HID bulbs are more long-lasting as brighter than halogen bulbs.

Also, direct lights of HID are better, and they provide light evenly. However, strength drops after a while. It can be instant to substitute the bulbs if you’re driving an old vehicle that comes with HIDs.

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