What to Do When Patients Don’t Listen to Doctors

by Michael Minton

Patients neglecting or simply overlooking instructions provided by the doctor can be due to numerous reasons. While it may seem common in some patients, we would like to share some tips as to how can we make them follow your instructions.

1. Miscommunication

The first reason behind a patient or patients not following your instructions is miscommunication. Even though, miscommunication should be avoided at all costs but it can take place. Hospitals and doctors should have a system in place that regularly checks up on patients. Such regular check-ups will alert the doctor and the patient as well if certain instructions have been miscommunicated. Sometimes out of pure stubbornness and hesitation to call the doctor, patients tend to take situations in their hands. While it may lead to serious health issues, it may also become difficult for the doctor to make you recover from it.

2. Be Patient

As already mentioned, sometimes patients are just stubborn and will not like to take care of themselves. It might be due to age factor or simply their nature. It is always advised to be patient while dealing with them. Old age comes with mood swings, hearing and understanding problems. Since you cannot force them or scold just as you would a regular teenager, it becomes both a test of time and patience. Always make the patient understand the problem so that he/she understands the situation and build a bridge of trust. Once you do that, you are bound to make things easier for you as well as the patient.

3. Side Effects

In certain cases, the side effects can also influence the patient in not taking or following the instructions. Different medicines have different side effects such as feeling lazy, lethargic or even failure to process and understand things properly. Sometimes in serious situations where prescriptions are literally there to save your life, come with side effects that are going to have severe enough impacts on your daily life. While you may not like them, it is always better to consult the doctor instead of skipping them so that he/she is able to recommend a substitute.

4. Natural Alternatives

Sometimes patients think that trying out natural alternatives first is a better option. It should be understood that in serious cases, time is everything. Every minute of the day can make a difference. Therefore, in such cases you should first consult the doctor, follow his/her instructions and then consult about natural alternatives as well. You may not be aware of certain reactions that can make the situation worse, so you need to be careful. Of course, if it is something that benefits you or helps in making the situation easier, there should not be a reason for the doctor to stop you taking the natural alternatives as well, but it should always be consulted first.

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Overall, amongst many other reasons of patients not following instructions, some of them are listed above. Always make sure that the patients are checked on and well looked after to avoid running into a serious case.

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