Why Use Medical Disc Publisher to Burn DICOM Images

by Michael Minton
Use Medical Disc Publisher to Burn DICOM Images on DailyMagazines

DICOM images are diagnostic medical images that are taken out of patients’ bodies so that doctors can make an educated diagnosis. Usually, these images are stored in the hospital’s server or in the clouds so that the doctors can easily access them. But sometimes these images are burned onto a CD or a DVD disc so that they can be carried around. Medical Disc Publisher is an image distribution system, or a DICOM CD burner, with which you can burn those images easily and efficiently. Let us tell you why.

A Little Rundown of Medical Disc Publisher

Medical Disc Publisher is an image distribution system or a DICOM CD viewer free which works for all diagnostic departments. It lets the users burn medical images from a PC to a CD or a DVD very quickly and with efficiency. Since it’s compatible with lots of different types of DICOM modalities, you can burn images from various scans, e.g. Ultrasound, MRI, CT, PET, CR, XA, US, etc.

The images can be burned from different sources, e.g. PACS archive, doctor’s workstation, internal server of the hospital, diagnostic modality, etc. Medical Disc Publisher comes with a user-friendly manager panel and a built-in browser that makes it possible to search and find all the images into a single place. In addition, you can make customized CD labels with unique logos and contact data or designed CGM disc label that is already set in default in the system.

You can see the images from the burned CD or DVD when you put it into a computer without any additional software. If you use Medical Disc Publisher, you can decrease your operating cost and save time for your medical staff and ensure a convenient distribution of medical images to all medical units.

Advantages to Use Medical Disc Publisher

  • The medical facility’s efficiency and productivity are increased.
  • Since the patients and physicians can easily share studies, the workflow increases.
  • A CD or DVD media can keep thousands of medical images on a single disc.
  • The maintenance cost is lower than the dry laser imager.
  • The distribution of medical images through a CD or DVD disc is much cheaper than the sheet of film.

The Features of Medical Disc Publisher

  • Burn DICOM images into a CD or DVD disc.
  • Mini DICOM viewers can be embedded in order to open files from a CD or DVD disc.
  • Free module for the purpose of printing customized CD or DVD labels.
  • It’s available in multiple languages.
  • Shows support for RIMAGE disc publisher.
  • Burn patients’ studies into single and/or multiple modes.


There are many DICOM CD burners found in the market and not many of them come with this many features. Lots of them don’t even work well. We suggest before buying a DICOM CD burner, you make sure that it meets all of your criteria.

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